Wooden lures, making of crafts made of wood

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Hit Composite Inc.

Company Policy
A Trusted Company :Strive to increase customer satisfaction.
Strong company :Create a competitive management structure.
A company that takes on challenges :We will develop and improve to build a foundation for the future.
Energetic company :Everyone works together to make their dreams come true.


December,1987 Established golf club assembly in Fox Island, Ina City as the main business.
September, 1989 In order to expand business, we moved to Minowa Town, Kamiina District.
1993 : Due to the downsizing of the golf club assembly business, the business was converted to the current business line. Conclusion of exclusive contract with the manufacturer.
December,2000 Termination of the manufacturer's exclusive contract.
2001 : Each company manufactures wooden simulated bait, fishing tackle equipment, etc.
April, 2003 Launch of our own brand: WooDream's wooden pseudo-bait.
June, 2005 Factory relocated in Minowa Town, Obi Industrial Park.
Feb/2006 Introduction of 3D modeling machine
May 2016 Introduction of turning machines


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